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Scholarship Application

4CEES Scholarship

4 Corners Employer Education Services


Fall 2013 Scholarship for 4CEES Business/Organization Employees


4CEES has a fundamental belief that an education can help an individual become an achiever in our society.  To this end, we have established TWO scholarships for $200.00 each, to be awarded to TWO employees of 4CEES business or organization in “Good Standing.*  Awards are based on need.  Scholarship money will be sent directly to the appropriate college or organization. Students

who apply for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:


        General Eligibility Requirements

                     Be employed by an active 4CEES business or organization.


                      Complete and submit a 4CEES scholarship application.


                    Submit proof that you have obtained a high school diploma or have a G.E.D. or that you have met all

          of the eligibility requirements for entrance to your college or organization of choice.


                     Submit a letter of recommendation from your supervisor or 4CEES officer.


                     Provide evidence of intent to enroll or continue in a degree or certification program at the college or

          organization for the new semester.  (You can pick up an enrollment verification request form from

          the admissions office.

Top candidates will be contacted for a personal interview with the Scholarship Committee.


 A final report to 4CEES regarding academic accomplishment or program completion will be required

at the end of the training period.  The recipient will need to sign a release so that the 4CEES Scholarship

Committee can obtain a transcript of grades if necessary.

All applicants will be notified in writing as to the status of their applications.


JUNE 30, 2013,  no exceptions


Submit applications and all other requirements to:

4CEES/Scholarship Committee

311 La Cuesta Avenue

Farmington, New Mexico  87401



If funding permits, a letter stating continued need and a continuation of meeting the eligibility requirements,

could renew some or all of this scholarship for Spring and Summer semesters.